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Gift Guide Crazy: For The Anthony Bourdain In Your Life

Last week I shared my gift guide for anyone in your life that reminds you of the crazy characters from Seinfeld. Today is dedicated to the bad ass man or woman in your life. You know the type: doesn't give a fuck about what you think and is a natural born leader in that mysterious sort of way. Basically the bad boy or girl who is part dangerous, part smooth and all around cool kid. The person your parents warned you about but then to everyone's surprise, turned out to be successful. Yah, that character. So with this in mind I created a collection of items on Keep.com from my favorite stores like Poketo, Give Studio and The Giving Key and called it: Anthony Bourdain On The Brain. Giving you ahead start on where to get the perfect last minute gift. Check it out here for a complete list of items.Gift Guide: For The Anthony Bourdain In Your Life

1. THERE WERE RULES pillow by Alexandra Ferguson  2. Fuck It Flask from Give Studio 3. Single Key iPhone Case from The Giving Keys 4. Manready Mercantile Waxed Dipped Glasses - MANREADY.COM 5. Poketo Batik Sugar Spoon 6. WolfPower 2014 Calendar

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