Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


to the colorful journal of Marissa Berrini, creative director, traveler, artist, and curator living in Los Angeles. Launched back in 2010, as Bourbon and Goose, Marissa's blog serves to be an inspiration for those times we’re stuck in a rut and help expand our community to dive deeper beyond the eye candy and more into the soul all while discovering self-worth, love, being present in the moment and creating the life you were meant to live.

12 Days of Atwater Village / The Village Bakery and Cafe

The Village Bakery and Cafe / Bourbon and Goose Sam and I are right in the middle of Atwater Village and that means we have access to good food whichever direction we go. For breakfast or a break from the crazy fur kids at home, I head to The Village Bakery and Cafe. A big fan of their specials and wifi that's nice and fast, I like to sit and catch up on what's going on outside Castle Berrini's walls. The perfect meet up spot for grabbing lunch or coffee with friends. Since you order at the front, you get to dictate how long your break will last. Big fan of the baked goods and their specials, be prepared for this warm and cozy restaurant to be busy and filled with energy. If you want a slower pace go during non-peak hours during the week after 2pm.

The Details:

  • First things first: they serve breakfast all day. Yay!
  • Located on Los Feliz Boulevard at:
  • Hours: Monday through Friday - 8am to 7pm, Saturday & Sunday - 8am to 4pm
  • Known for their bake goods, people line-up at 8am to snatch their cinnamon doughnuts and savory ham + gruyere cheese croissants.
  • Specials change daily. Keep an eye out for the Kale Quinoa special. It's mind blowing. A mix of kale, quinoa, eggs over easy, mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic butter. Absolutely divine.
  • Planning your holiday meals? Definitely check out The Village Bakery's holiday menu to help you prep. They have pies galore, cookie dough, pie crusts and other fab options. Remember the Maple Bourbon Pie I made for Thanksgiving? Pie crust from Village. Boom.
  • They have premade dinner options like fried chicken, pot pies and salads.
  • Cookie options are off the charts.
  • Fresh baked bread also a must.
  • Option to order online. Perfect for during the week or large orders.
  • A little history: Owner Barbara opened The Village Bakery in October 2009. Prior to that she was a  founding co-owner and baker at Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock, CA and music maven.


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