Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Costume Inspiration: Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote

Costume Inspiration: Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote If you know me outside the blogasphere, then you know I'm obsessed with Murder, She Wrote thanks to my girl Angela Lansbury. This addiction to the series has lead to a pinterest board, many tweets, a few t-shirt designs that are in the works and now costume inspiration. Yesterday I was chatting with my friend about last minute costume ideas and the conversation jumped to all the "sexy" outfits out there and whatever happened to scary? Well, Ms. Fletcher may not be scary (unless you've seen the episode where she plays her cousin in London) but it got me thinking about all the miss opportunities to be creative on a dime. So the battle begin against all those sexy Michael Myers and pizza slice costumes out there and let's celebrate Jessica Fletcher in all her glory:

Jessica Fletcher (Murder, She Wrote) Costume Essentials:

1. Burberry Trench Coat: Not everyone can run out and buy a Burberry Trench like Jessica (thanks to all her #1 sellers) but luckily for you any trench will do. Just raid your parents closet or head to the closest thrift store. Saks Coupon code for your classic Burberry trench purchase: 2. Magnifying Glass: Another staple because we all know it's better to see things magnified by 10x their normal size. How else could she see all those clues?

3. Tailored Sleek Trouser Pants: Again, run to the thrift store if you can't purchase online because I can guarantee someone donated a box of khaki taper pants with your name on them. (Aren't you glad this trend hasn't come back?)

4. Chic Silk Scarf: Since you have so many admires like Jessica, I'm sure you have a collection of Hermes scarves. If not, there are plenty of knock-offs to be found at your local thrift shop.

5. Costume Jewelry: Jessica never leaves Cabot Cover without her baubles and neither should you. Bigger is always better as long as they hail from the 80s.

6. Priceless expressions like the one above or in the pinterest board. Plus you'll need your one-liners ready like this doozie: "Amos, if I were you, I would develop amnesia."

For more Jessica Fletcher costume inspiration check out this post by Phoebe from xoJANEuk. and this amazing site Exploring Jessica Fletcher's Closet.

Oh and if you haven't heard...NBC is bringing back Murder, She Wrote with Octavia Spencer as successor to Angela Lansbury's throne.

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