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Music Mania 3 / Wes Anderson Inspired

Music Mania 3 / Wes Anderson Inspired

Everything seems better with a Wes Anderson soundtrack and since this last week has been so magical I couldn't help but make this week's Music Mania all Wes. Heavily influenced by my adventures in the past week—Camp Mighty, Salvation Mountain, beach camping in Leo Carrillo and the Salton Sea. This week I have been surrounded by people that inspire me and people I love...talk about being spoiled! My latest journeys have resulted in taking risks, adventures into the unknown, lots of color and a whole lot of laughter. Seems appropriate given the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel has been released and Halloween is right around the corner. Oh, remember these costume inspiration boards shared before Unique Camp? Well lets celebrate the quirky and all the wonderfulness of Wes Anderson's world.

Want to know more about the artists featured in this playlist? seu jorge, peter sarstedt, alexandre desplat, the kinks, nico, paul desmond, quatuor Ébène, the velvet underground, mark mothersbaugh, elliott smith, nancy adams, cat stevens, alan tew, burl ives, peter jarvis and his drum corps, chad & jeremy, the who, paul simon, david bowie

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