Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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TGIF 1 / Cats, Love, Doughnuts, Munchies + more

TGIF 1 / Cats, Love, Doughnuts, Munchies + More The awesomeness around the internet is pretty great but there is a ton of junk out there so here is our list of favorites:

  1. Wes Anderson sure knows his way with color and Alicia Carvalho breaks it down for us on her latest post: Colour Grand Budapest Hotel.
  2. This month we are sponsoring one of our favorite blogs, People and Places and Things. Jen wrote the most inspiring piece about her journey of creating your own path and the photos are brilliant for any pinterest mantra board.
  3. FYI: Mercury retrograde is back. Learn how to survive mercury retrograde once and for all!
  4. Love is a beautiful thing and this reminds me how lucky I am to have Sam in my life. The story of love: 'Never Say Goodbye': A Love and Life Kept Vivid.
  5. After a week of traveling and having too much fun, I need to get my lifestyle in order before the holidays. Forbes breaks down the healthiest foods to make it easy.
  6. Rescue animals are the best. Check out these amazing photos by fashion photographer Richard Phibbs of Humane Society dogs that need homes. We'd love to adopt them all!
  7. Kukui and I have a drinking date coming up. Now she and all cats can indulge in wine. Cheers to drinking buddies!
  8. Speaking of cats, check out this amazing felt cat necklace from Firefly. Our favorite online boutique for everything ridiculously cute.
  9. Arizona is my hometown. Check out my recommendations on Elembee!
  10. Halloween is right around the corner and we'll be hosting a party for good friends. Since this is a spooky affair, I'll be making Minimalist Baker's Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate for the nightcap.
  11. Everyone needs something to dunk in Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate so we'll be creating Billy's (from Wit + Vinegar) Baked Chocolate Buttermilk Doughnuts with Salted Caramel featured on The Artful Desperado
  12. We adore people doing their own thing, hence Town Talk and can't get enough of Joanna, a fabulous graphic artist from Free People.
  13. Does this mean having the munchies is a good thing? Oh how times have changed...
  14. We love following the bar scene and New York City just went up a notch. Check out this Q & A with Beverage Director Jim Kearns on PLAY, His New Bar in the Museum of Sex
  15. Behold: The Tweeting Bra — created for good, not for evil.
  16. LA, a few reasons on why you should get to know your wildlife neighbors.
  17. Ever since I signed up for Postmark Society, I've been gravitating towards anything handwritten. Check out this post on a young JD Salinger pen-paling it up with Holden.
  18. How disgusting: China's smog as seen from space
  19. TV Cartoon Producer Lou Scheimer Remembered: He's one of the reasons cartons were so good back in the day.

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Kukui's Corner 1 / Wise Words From A Cat

Costume Inspiration: Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote