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Music Inspires: Salt Petal

Salt Petal How do you beat the heat or any summer time blues? Easy. Start by putting on Salt Petal—a local LA indie rock band which fuses together up-temp rock with tropical vibes influenced by regions like Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Their sophomore album, Sea Monster, is filled with so many exhilarating and energizing tunes that make you want to grab a beach towel, summer cocktail and head straight to your summer getaway. In honor of their album, I found some fun items to compliment these summer jams. Enjoy!

Don't miss their upcoming show:

8/17 KCRW’s Chinatown Summer Nights

For more Salt Petal, check them out here on their site or follow them on Facebook.

Music Inspires: Salt Petal

1. Astro Circle Shades from Nasty Gal 2. Lavender Double Shapes by LEIF 3. Lattice Waist Dress 4. Goldcoast Complete Longboard Skateboard (Salvo) 5. Chinese Laundry Strawberry Field Bootie

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