Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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On Repeat: Beck's Morning Phase

Beck's Morning Phase I have a weird relationship with Beck. No, it's not a personal one but for some reason when this man drops an album it usually triggers a strong opinion for me. I'd like to think I'm not that bullheaded but when it comes to Beck (or Jonah Hill), I can't help but really want to dislike him. Shitty of me, I know. Actually, maybe it's more of that feeling like Jerry gets every time Newman comes shimming into his apartment. So it got me thinking, why the hell do I have this itch? Have I always been this way? The truth is no. After much reflection, I realized my Beck love/hate affair started in 1993. So cue Dream Weaver and let me break it down for you:

1993: Beck's Loser enters into my world. I was just hitting my annoying teenage years when Beck came on my radar. I discovered him while traveling to volleyball tournaments in Arizona. Usually our travels comprised of a caravan filled with teenagers and moms and from this, us girls would swap CDs to fight boredom and anything country playing on the van radio. Not sure which friend passed this disc to me but I totally fell for Beck, to the point that I put on my answering machine "LOSER" as the welcome message. Yeah, I thought I was REAL cool. 3 days later my mother discovers this which results in a lecture on self-image and respecting one's self. Needless to say, the cool points I thought I was getting by playing this for all my friends when I was unavailable to answer the phone was immediately lost when I got Mom's memo.

1996: Beck's Odelay / the big exchange 1996 was the year I became really annoying. I was just discovering what trouble I could get into and a whole new group of friends that weren't the best influencers. Looking back, I'm glad my parents took me aside to point out the obvious. Too bad I just didn't listen. For my birthday I had a group of friends over to just "hang-out" (haha, remember those days?). That's when crazy Eddie asked me to trade my Beck Odelay for his Sublime's 40oz to Freedom. Still to this day the BEST trade I've EVER made. Lots of people, like Sam, beg to differ but if you haven't heard Sublime's version of the Grateful Dead's Scarlet Begonias you're missing out.

2005: Beck's Girl Two years living in LA and finally discovering my groove in this crazy city and my adventurous streak, this song became my anthem.

2008: Beck's Gamma Ray There was no way escaping this song. It was everywhere. Needless to say I busted out into full on dance mode each and every time my ear's could detect this song. Let's be real and blame the fact it has an Austin Powers meets The Jetsons vibe.

2009: This is the moment I find out that Beck is a scientologist and Gamma Ray makes sense. Mind trance mode.

2014: Beck's Morning Phase Beck singing a beautiful live version of Waves on SNL

I'm always curious when spotify suggests an album based on what I've been listening to. Most of the time they are spot on and with Beck's newest album they got it right again (and I realize they are promoting it non-stop since it just dropped). This dreamy compilation has been on repeat for me. I can't get enough of it and with the rain happening in LA right now, it's absolutely perfect. Plus this weekend Beck performed on SNL accompanied by mister Father John Misty which left me wanting to buy a hat, pick up a guitar and head to the Integratron. Thank the Universe, I'll be heading there soon. Enough of my rambling, check out the album for yourself and let me know your thoughts below and if you have any Beck memories to share.

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