Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Honey Lavender Stress Relief Hot Toddy Recipe / Happy Hour Club

Stress Relief Hot Toddy / Bourbon and GooseHow much do you love saying HOT TODDY? Well, thanks to the rain that showered LA this last week, I finally got my excuse to wear my crazy camping sweater AND experiment with my new favorite Yogi Organic Tea. Two wins in one day. Sweet. Not usually one for hot drinks, I tend to throw out that rule when colder temps creep in. Luckily, I've been devoting my Friday afternoons to my #happyhourclub. It's basically my version of recess once a week that allows me a chance to play mixologist with friends. Last week, KC from Make Shop Live stopped by the Hybrid Roots HQ for some mixin'. Let's be real, it's a little too easy to do when you have a gorgeous kitchen down the hall at the Unique Space. While KC and I chatted up our goals and accomplishments for the week, we worked on mixing together this RELAXING libation.  We couldn't help but laugh that this cocktail makes you want to pull out the snuggie, get comfortable and jam to some Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The key to this drink is the combination of ingredients. Start heating up pot of water for the yogi tea, grab some lemons for for squeezing, add in Buffalo Trace (my bourbon of choice) with a splash of St Germain and BOOM, you have yourself one heavenly elixir. Now remember, it's best served on a rainy day or night and of course with friends. Cheers! Stress Relief Hot Toddy / Cheers Stress Relief Hot Toddy / Buffalo Trace Stress Relief Hot Toddy / Ingredients Stress Relief Hot Toddy / Recipe Have a favorite recipe? Want to join in on the next Happy Hour Club? Comment below or tweet me here.

Special Thanks for KC. XOXO

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