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Saying Goodbye to June and Hello to July...

June Adventures of Bourbon & Goose June was amazing and now July is in full swing. Sam and I have been so busy we haven't had a chance to reflect on all the adventures we had. It's hard to believe how we fit it all into 1 month. So in honor of June bringing the best we've compiled our moments as proof that June gloom didn't exist this year.

  • Joined a wonderful group of creatives, adventurers and entrepreneurs for Unique Camp's first creative conference. Simply put: it was the best experience ever.
  • Got rid of the old and brought in–furniture that is. Jonathan Adler's HAPPY CHIC Bleecker console and a this sofa that I can't get enough of (all from JCPenny's)
  • Biking and exploring the Los Angeles River.
  • Three's Company Birthday party celebrating 3 of our favorite friends.
  • Took our bikes to the streets to enjoy our first CICLAVIA on Wilshire.
  • Danced the night away at La Descarga all in the name of celebrating one fine lady.
  • Cassette overload at Jacknife, too many cocktails and brunches around our neighborhood.
  • Another race at Bigfoot Lodge for the Knotty Pinewood Derby. This time we won ugliest car trophy for our Pig in the Sky creation based off Pink Floyd's Animals. Obviously there weren't many Floyd fans in the house.
  • Researching bourbons for an upcoming post with a good friend. Can't wait for this to launch!

Now enough for reminiscing about June, we have July to take care of. Some great things to look forward to like Alt Summit San Fransisco, Cinespia, Postal Service at the Greek and some randomness I'm sure will pop up. Cheers to summer!


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