Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Come and Knock On Our Door: Three's Company Costume Party Inspiration

Tomorrow is a big day: Sam and I are celebrating our good friends Lau, Nicole and Matt's birthdays. Since there happens to be 3 of them and 1 is a male, it was the perfect opportunity to go all out and do a Three's Company theme party. This means costumes people! Coming off Unique Camp's Wes Anderson dance party the expectations are high but luckily the internet is an open book for attire research. To make it easy on everyone we created inspiration boards for Jack Tripper, Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood. It's broken down with some ideas and if you love the item featured we gave you the source. During the hunt, some tips we discovered: the threesome loved to wear towels, nightgowns and the occasional box. Get creative or Stanley Roper might rip you a new ass.

Three's Company Costume Inspiration: Janet How to Dress Like Janet from Three's Company

1. Sailor Shoes, Anthropologie

2. Game shirt, Urban Outfitters

3. Princesse Tam Tam Singuliere Bustier Body, ASOS

4. Short Shorts, Charolette Russe

6. V-neck Sweater from Noosa

Three's Company Costume Inspiration: Jack Tripper Dress like Jack Tripper

1. Denim Jean Jacket, A.P.C.

2. Vintage Polo Shirt, Etsy

3. Bathrob from Mr. Porter

4. Vintage Running Shorts (Mens), Etsy

5. HAPPY CHIC towel set from Jonathan Adler, JCPenny's Three's Company Costume Inspiration: Chrissy

Dress like Chrissy from Three's Company

1. Daphne Weels, Anthropologie

2. Roller Skates, JCPenny's

3. Dream City Shorts, NastyGal

4. Tall Strappy Tapered Jumpsuit, TopShop

5. Zinke Starboard One Piece Swimsuit from Shopbop


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