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Currently Listening To: MS MR /// HURRICANE

MS MR HURRICANE Last month was a tough one. After commuting 2 hours a day in the car, I found myself hitting that dreaded hump where I was completely burnt out on my hypem playlist and  favorite go-tos KCRW and HIPSTER RUNOFF. None could help me out of my music funk. Thankfully, School Night must have heard my prayers because magically the universe delivered their Monday newsletter with the night’s headliners – MS MR. Curiosity got the best of me (or should I say desperation) and needless to say what I found surpassed anything I’ve been listening to. Hypnotic and soulful, MS MR entranced me immediately with their single Hurricane and then came the videos. Such a refreshing vibe and not this mass marketed crap like Kanye’s Mercy video (guess dating Kim K has it’s consequences, wonder if that's why everyone in this video is hiding behind the wall...). Below is all the info you need to start following this band and opportunity for a free download of HURRICANE.

MS MR: msmrsounds.com/ facebook.com/msmrsounds msmrmusic.tumblr.com/ twitter.com/#!/msmrsounds

Other noteworthy sites that love this band: The Peach Factory The Curious Brain

Quick +/- +: The videos. Check out MSMR’s vimeo page and you’ll be happily entertained by their throwback vintage style videos. From their song Bones, you’ll get up close and personal with cult favorite Labyrinth and their main vid Hurricane flashes so many visuals that you’ll keep replaying it over and over if you are an 80s fan like me.

-: Wanting more. This musical find has an EP with only 4 songs and a limited amount of information on their site. If they are looking for help promoting or designing, feel free to reach out. ;)

Goodbye Weekend, Hello Monday

Bing + Alt Summit = Happy Friday!

Bing + Alt Summit = Happy Friday!