“I was extremely impressed with Marissa from the beginning. She consistently brought great ideas to the table and you could always count on her to produce quality designs, often under tight deadlines. She is not only a fountain of creativity but she truly understands the business goals of a project and how to bring them to life in a design. I have worked with her on a wide range of projects — online advertising, web site design, print ads, e-mail, direct mail, reports, media kits, etc. – and can attest to her many, varied contributions that have had a direct impact on the success of each initiative”

— Allison Quiter, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Specialist

“Marissa is one of the most creatively talented people I’ve worked with in my career. Her skills speak for themselves in developing everything Dermstore presented to the public: from site enhancements, to catalog, to print advertising, to email. Her visions always came across clearly in speaking to our customers and building our brand. She also took constructive criticism extremely well as her main driver was taking us to the next level creatively while staying on brand. Marissa is also an excellent leader—her team moved as a cohesive unit and met deadlines with the finest work product. With all her talent and skills, I think her best asset was being able to bring everyone to the table, including the “creatively challenged” and get the groups to agree on a vision and bring it to life in a way everyone could agree upon. It’s important to me that any team or individual I work with understands that the best creative solutions come from listening to each other and an open mind. It’s essential to work together to hit goals and understand the learning from any project. ”

— David Olsen, CEO of CosBar (previously DermStore VP of Business of Development)