#HappyHourClub / Bourbon and Goose
#HappyHourClub / Bourbon and Goose

Welcome to the #HAPPYHOURCLUB. Here's the details how to get in on the action:

What is #HAPPYHOURCLUB? The #HappyHourClub is a meet up group created by Marissa and Sam that celebrates community, encourages networking (without all the awkwardness) and gives you the opportunity to try out the latest recipes from Cocktail Curators in our test kitchen.

When is #HAPPYHOURCLUB? #HappyHourClub is a pop-up event that occurs in Los Angeles once a month.

How do I get an invite? Simple, sign up for our newsletter and we'll send out a list of calendar events at the beginning of the month. Not a fan of email? Follow us on instagram or facebook for themes and behind the scenes of this B&G event.

What's a Cocktail Curator and how do I  become one? A Cocktail Curator is an inventor, creator and maker of deliciousness. We all have one in us—be it food, beverage or taste-tester (yes that counts). Since Sam and I love collaborating it was only a natural solution for us to bring together a program that would merge our favorite activity and friends. This opportunity allows us to share with our community the talented people we know and love, plus create awesome drinks. Talk about a win-win situation. Interested in becoming the next Cocktail Curator? Email Marissa to book your date. Not in Los Angeles? Not a problem. We'll create the drink on your behalf and you can still join in on the fun by following the hashtag, #happyhourclub on instagram.

Cocktail Curators also receive a feature in our Drink with Us gallery, behind the scenes look on the blog and have your portrait taken. It's a great way to explore your inner bartender and get a new head shot (which we always need).

Alcohol isn't my thing but I still want to be involved. Is this possible? Of course! We love creating alternatives to alcoholic beverages and are always on the hunt for new recipes. Currently we are seeking collaborations on sodas and juices. Email Marissa via mh {at} bourbonandgoose.com if you're interested on sharing your refreshment knowledge with the club.

What if I'm a business or have an event and can't make it on Friday? We'll bring #HAPPYHOURCLUB to you. Email Marissa via mh {at} bourbonandgoose.com on how to get this set up.