Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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week: 06.10.16

week: 06.10.16

This week was one for the books. We had our primary elections in California and as I'm not one to talk politics, let's just say my thoughts are this: what a circus. Moving on from that, here's what I found entertaining...

I keep saying that Sam and I are in prep mode for a big cross country trip to see family, America and get our camp on. While we are debating a van or RV, the reality might be renting a camper or car camping our way across. Since the pups are joining us for this adventure, I'm thankful for this post from 181 Sqft

This week The Do-Over came out on Netflix, an Adam Sandler film featuring his bestie, David Spade and him flexing their action muscles. Keyword: muscles. I'm not sharing this because I liked the movie. I'm sharing because Adam Sandler deserves props for getting into shape. It's been awhile since I've seen him in something other than a plain oversized t-shirt and clompy boots. His sloppy days in previous movies are replaced as he now dawns the part of a bad ass...well, we're not talking Daniel Craig or Dwayne Johnston bad ass but for Sandler this new look is impressive so kudos dude. Also important to note: Spade's character was a little creepy for me. Maybe it was the wardrobe or seeing in a mature nerd role but it made me miss old school snassy Spade in Grandma's Boy.

When you think of Sandler, you know who else comes to mind? Drew Barrymore and good timing because she's got a new book out called Wildflower, which I randomly discovered thanks to her adorable instagram video. Now I need the audio version of this book. Sidebar: I kind of have this thing with audio books. It's because I'm memorized by a good storyteller and if you can back that audio book up with an amazing narrator, then you'll have me as a fan for life. Proof? Who here knows Jim Dale? Harry Potter books for the win! Now, I know I should probably READ Drew's book but damn it, she tells a good story based on the preview clip from Amazon so I'm all ears for this one.

Random alert: Jim Dale needs a squarespace ASAP but while on his retro site I found this gem on how long it takes him to record an audio book: 

question: how long does it take to record a book?

jim: all depends on the number of pages. usually i am in the studio from 10-30am until 5-30pm recording twenty pages an hour. but extra time is always needed for re-recording due to my mistakes / wrong voices / changing tapes / tea time and after tea time - pee time. it can take two weeks recording time.

Speaking of new goal is to read more and with this post from Observer, How to Read 100 Books in a Year, I just might have found my road map. Lord knows I need to expand my vocabulary and I also need a timeout from my phone and computer.

Luckily for me I found that article from Observer, thanks to Instapaper – a cloud based bookmark app that allows you to save all your favorite (or potential faves) web page.

Los Angeles is slowly moving into summer with higher temps. What I find amazing is that most people I speak too are very excited about this while others like me, remember how quickly luster fades once temps hit 100 or more. As temps get higher, I tend to drink less. Good, I know. So hold the requests for beach day, as you will not find me day drinking unless that beach bar comes with a canopy, fresh water, fans and misters. I've also noticed I tend to switch to wine during the summer nights. Right now on my must try list: Barrymore's Pinot Grigio. Not only is Drew an actress turned author but now she's in the business of grapes. My 2 bottles are on their way. I can wait for some QT with Wildflower and wine. Que "me" time!

If Willie Nelson had a theme song, "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross would be it. Will admit I thought it was, "I'm coming up" which is what I've been singing to Willie Nelson for the last two months. Little man is growing up and he's mastered his hops. The boy can now jump and trust me, Buju and Kukui are NOT happy about it. But you know who is? Willie. 

"I'm Coming Out" is a hit single released by Motown singer Diana Ross in 1980, written and produced by Chic members Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers for her album diana (1980). The song was a hit, peaking at number five on the U.S. Pop Singles chart.
no. 3: Holy.Smokes + Eden's Herbal Smokes

no. 3: Holy.Smokes + Eden's Herbal Smokes

#happyhourclub: gracias madre

#happyhourclub: gracias madre