Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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week 06.03.16

week 06.03.16

This week went by pretty quickly, thanks to Monday being a holiday and lots of client work. But in short weeks, the need for urgency also pops up. The ritual of the rush to get all the work done and hit deadlines to make up for a one day holiday. { insert hamster in a wheel playing a small violin } While May was all about mercury retrograde and outbursts of emotions, June brings with it new light, a chance to restart and just in time for summer. The craziness that we have felt lately seems to have dissipated a tad. The race is still on for all those accomplishments to be achieved and new challenges to be discovered. In the meantime, the procrastinator in me has found the below links either useful, silly or inspirational. From time to time, we need those breaks and as a creative, those breaks are crucial for resetting. 

As for the weekend plans? Tonight it's all about Popstar and I hope, popcorn. With the New Moon on Saturday, I plan on keeping close to home. Making use of our latest JOYMODE experience (the cleaning package is a must for those, like me, that didn't do spring cleaning!) and lighting a beautiful New Moon candle from my favorite go-to, House of Intuition. Sunday beckons for music so you might catch Mr. B and I enjoying The Good Life. Cheers to your weekend!

Love Tarot or interested in learning? Check out Golden Thread Tarot, an amazing new app shared with me this week by my good friend Heather. The bonus? The app also comes as a printed deck at a reasonable price of $42. Having both helps in tarot learning and practice. For us designers out there, the artistry of the Golden Thread Tarot deck is beyond. Check it!

Recently I discovered Kaypacha Lescher on YouTube. Let's just say, his videos are pretty out there but have some major tokens of wisdom. If you have the time and the patience, it's worth it. Also, the man's mantras are pretty fabulous!


Sam and I are in gearing up for our epic road trip across country. I've been hitting the books on routes and best advice for prep. Today YOGASCAPES shared a 12 Travel Mantras. Definitely will have these handy. 

The Food Babe is on number one resource for motivation to get rid of the junk from your diet. I discovered Vani Hari a couple years ago thanks to Chickpea Magazine. This recent post features a dramatic life change from one of her readers. Love the story and the realness! Read here.

Sometimes being a designer isn't glamorous at all. This art by Axel McHugh sums it up perfectly. ;)

Gala Darling always inspires me. Her vibe is purely magical and she's always teaching me something. Her latest post about the upcoming New Moon is a great read and important to note, the photos are perfection.

Beck just released a new single yesterday called WOW. Poppy and fun, the video inspired by visual art on instagram. See the list of artists here. Turn it up!

#happyhourclub: gracias madre

#happyhourclub: gracias madre

no. 2: angela lansbury

no. 2: angela lansbury