Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


to the colorful journal of Marissa Berrini, creative director, traveler, artist, and curator living in Los Angeles. Launched back in 2010, as Bourbon and Goose, Marissa's blog serves to be an inspiration for those times we’re stuck in a rut and help expand our community to dive deeper beyond the eye candy and more into the soul all while discovering self-worth, love, being present in the moment and creating the life you were meant to live.

Self-Expression / 08

Self-Expression / 08

Self-Expression / 08

Last week I didn't have a chance to post. This month has been a whirlwind with photo shoots, design projects and workshops. Very thankful to be busy but that shouldn't be an excuse to skip posting my self-portrait for the week. Today I'm getting up close and personal with my serious pose featuring all my imperfections. Cheers!

Quotable: Alice In Wonderland

Quotable: Gabrielle Bernstein