Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Quotable: Victoria Beckham

Quote by Victoria Beckham / Bourbon and Goose Here's a truth about me that I should probably keep to myself: I have a habit of writing down quotes on post-its and placing them all around the house, the studio and sadly, my purse. Proof of how easily distracted I get and what a black hole my handbag has become. Well, my lack of organization has sparked this new series: quotable. It's my win-win solution to getting all the post-its in one place and less mess in the house. Yay digital!

But let's put the humor a side for a second. The truth is this annoying habit also supplies me with a smile or a much-needed reminder when I tend to need it the most. (Something my future self appreciates from my present disorganized self.) An example of this: Yesterday I stumbled upon this quote featured above from Victoria Beckham and I couldn't help but laugh as I was in the middle of battling a carb craving myself. While I'm no Victoria Beckham, it seems that like all women, she too has to battle cravings—a testament that we are all human.

Source: Cheeky quote via interview with Aimee Phillips on PaperMag.

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