Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Behind The Scenes: Unyq Photo Shoot With Elli Lauren Photography

One side of the business at Bourbon and Goose is studio rental. We love playing host to photo shoots, workshops and meet-ups. (It's the perfect excuse for us to meet so many talented people.) Recently, we were the site location for an exciting photo shoot with UNYQ, a company revolutionizing prosthetic design, utilizing 3D printing technology to create fashion-forward fairings. Seeing these fairings up close and personal, we can attest the craftsmanship is out of this world. UNYQ works with individuals to simplify the process of creating a custom prosthetichelping to reduce the time and stress it normally takes for an individual to find the perfect design and fit. As for the shoot, it was jammed packed with lots of action. Los Angeles photographer, Elli from Elli Lauren Photography worked her magic behind the camera, going nonstop and grabbing every shot. As well as UNYQ's video team capturing the behind the scenes beautifully in the video featured below. Not to mention the modeling by Travis Ricks and Lacey Henderson, both of whom are incredible athletes. The CEO, Eythor Bender also made a visit and shared his story behind UNYQ's mission—you'll get a glimpse in the video that we guarantee will leave you feeling inspired. Be sure to check out UNYQ's site to see the variety of designs available and hear the stories of how they are changing lives for men, women and children.

Video Introducing UNYQ's revolutionary 3D Printed Fairings / So exciting to see the Bourbon and Goose Studio!

Trais and Lacey for UNYQ

Lacey and Travis modeling UNYQ's featured designed fairings

Elli from Elli Lauren Photography behind the camera working with Trais for UNYQ's 3D Printed Fairings

Behind the Scenes of UNYQ's shoot with Elli from Elli Lauren Photography

Lacey modeling UNYQ's Galaxy Copper Fairing at the Bourbon and Goose Studio

Lacey giving everyone a sneak peek of this gorgeous designed fairing custom made for her by UNYQ


Big thank you to UNYQ and Elli Lauren Photography for use of the images of above. Be sure to check them both out on instagram: Elli Lauren Photography and UNYQ

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