Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Behind The Scenes: Murder, She Wrote Brunch

Behind The Scenes: Murder, She Wrote Brunch

Murder She Wrote Brunch: Sam and Marissa

Time to rewind the tape back to March and give you a glimpse of my birthday brunch. I've been known to throw theme parties in the past but since this year I wasn't in the let's rage mood, a brunch sounded like a nice quiet alternative. You know, something more mature since I'm an adult. So in order to make it interesting I decided there needed to be a theme and that theme would be Murder, She Wrote. Yes, the classic TV show featuring Ms. JB Fletcher. It would also give me a chance to share my bragging rights that I had just completed all 12 seasons of this cult classic show. How very Aries of me. While everyone was busy watching Game of Thrones, I was dedicated to one bad ass super sleuth and her adventures all over the world stopping crime. Luckily my friends decided to entertain this idea because where else would I be able to wear that crazy blue sequins dress? The potluck brunch consisted of a Cabot Cove punch, a delicious JB Fletcher tres leche cake (Thank you Lau!), Cereal Killer bars and a photo booth. My only birthday request was to come dressed as a character from Murder, She Wrote or for those not cult enough, attire from the decades the show ran on the air (1984-1996).

It was a day to remember...and that I will have to do! As my silly little puppy, Willie Nelson, wiggled his butt so hard that my external hard drive took a nose dive off the couch. Sadly, the external hard drive was filled with all the snapshots of the soirée and everything else over the last 4 months. But luckilyI had a couple of screenshots saved while editing. After a couple of months of mourning this loss it was Bethany Toes, my hair guru, who encouraged me to recreate the memories again by writing them on paper. So I took out the trusty typewriter, like JB did back in the day, and got to work. Well, to be honest, I used pen and paper but I did dawn the wig.

While I'm not a fan of writing long blog posts, I'll share with you my favorite memory of the event: Seeing Sam's face when I came out dressed in my Jessica Fletcher wig and dress. It is always a challenge to surprise Sam but boy, did I! Of course, me being me, I had to enlighten Sam that this new do might become a reality one day. My words? Here's a glimpse of what the future holds. Still love me?  Thankfully, his response was a belly-filled laugh of YES. Phew that was close.

I hope you enjoy our antics from the photo booth and get a chance to chuckle about my Angela Lansbury wig. Personally I think it looks more like Mama's wig from Mama's Family. Tonight I'll remember the past by enjoying an episode of this cult classic and while sipping on Stir and Strain's cocktail The Angela.

Interested in the recipe for Cabot Cove Punch? Check it out in our Drink With Us gallery and if you want to see more of the event, visit our facebook page.

If you're a fan of JB, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. What's your favorite episode and what are your thoughts on how the season 12 ended. Obviously I need to chat about this with someone. ;)

Murder She Wrote Best Dressed

This couple always has the best props for any themed occasion.

Murder She Wrote Cereal Killer Bars and Cabot Cove Punch

Where's Seth? Cereal Killer Bars and Cabot Cove Punch

Murder She Wrote Brunch Crew

Somehow Sam managed to squeeze a majority of us into this shot.

Murder She Wrote Birthday Cake

A gift from one of my besties: Tres Leche Birthday Cake featuring my favorite lady, Angela Lansbury

Murder She Wrote Brunch

Papa don't preach! The Oltra's are getting ready for baby and practicing their No Way poses.

Don't forget to see more of the Murder, She Wrote brunch on our facebook page. I mean, really...we only use it to share photos and events. ;)




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