Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Adventure: Tucson

I needed some time to check in and that meant going home to the desert for a few daysfresh air, Monsoon season, family and lots of memories meant getting grounded. Good-bye LA grind. What I found was my hometown has changed quite a bit. Some of it is for the best and some a little disappointing, like finding out my favorite restaurants were closed or on the verge of closing. Heartbreak. But as the saying goes, from the ashes new beginnings shall arise and boy has it. Tucson is bringing their A game for cocktails, restaurants and shopping. It had been a few years since I have been back to Tucson with the intention to actually visit and enjoy time with my family. Before that it was quick trips to handle hiccups with my parents health. So this time my family and I spent plenty of time eating and drinking during my stay. Thankfully they were patient with my picture taking during these excursions and my Mom humored my request to take the dirt road for a photo of an instagram snap. I also spent a ton of time combing through the attic, Arizona room (I'm assuming this is an AZ thing) and closets. I found some treasures and notes from my grandmother. But I think the score was stumbling upon a painted rock with I LOVE YOU GRANDMA that she saved in her hope chesta gift I had given her years ago. Needless to say I feel to the ground in tears. Moving on from my emotional sap, here is a glimpse of my adventure in the Old Pueblo.

The Best Bloody Mary from Prep & Pastry

The Best Bloody Mary from Prep & Pastry.

We visited this delicious brunch spot 3 times of out 5 days. Prep & Pastry is a must stop when visiting Tucson.

We visited this cute breakfast/brunch spot 3 times of out 5 days. Needless to say, we were over the moon for their dossant and cocktails. Prep & Pastry is a must stop when visiting Tucson.

 Beads of Courage located in Tucson

My mom and I love to collect beads. So when we stumbled upon Beads of Courage our hearts swelled up. This company is doing good things for kids fighting health issues like cancer and disease.

Sidecar, delicious artisan cocktails

Sidecar Bar, Tucson's speakeasy for delicious craft cocktails.

Bon Boutique Tucson, Arizona

Bon Boutique, one of Diane Keaton's favorite shopping spots. The uniqueness of the items and the store itself really set this place apart.

Agustin Kitchen in Mercado San Augustin, Tucson

Agustin Kitchen located in the Mercado San Augustin was recommended to us by a lovely woman at Prep & Pastry.

Behind The Scenes: Murder, She Wrote Brunch

Behind The Scenes: Murder, She Wrote Brunch

Self-Expression / 02

Self-Expression / 02