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Muse: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Muse: The Grand Budapest Hotel / Bourbon and Goose

If the Grand Budapest came in a cheek color it would have to be the sweet duo of NARS Gaiety Blush + NARS New Attitude Blush

Sam is obsessed with everything Wes Anderson and it didn't take me long to board that train with him. So when the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel hit the world wide web, Sam and I were eager to enter back into the land of big sodas and popcorn for Mr. Anderson's colorful kaleidoscope adventure. Filled with a variety of cameos from favorite actors like Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, we easily put aside our 2 year hiatus from the movie theater—yes, I said 2 years. When did movies become 3 hour tours? Finally we had a window of opportunity to do our movie date. Luckily I had made the wise decision of not researching the film prior and went in blindly  for this great adventure. Probably the best decision I've made that week because Mr. Anderson provided an unexpected ride filled with apprehension, love and humor. Addicted to color, it was easy for me to fall head over heels in love with this film. From the bright-hued red-orange to the royal purple straight out of a 70s print, I was inspired to play match maker with colors that could only be found in my favorite makeup brand created by Francois Nars. Muse: The Grand Budapest Hotel / Bourbon and Goose

Move over Ziggy Stardust, this combo of vintage poppy orange and electric olive-green can only mean 2 things: NARS Wonder lip gloss + NARS Mangrove Single Eyeshadow

Muse: The Grand Budapest Hotel / Bourbon and Goose Adrien Brody's hair in the film summons the great powerful Makeup Brush: NARS #21 Contour Brush

Muse: The Grand Budapest Hotel / Bourbon and Goose

If only I had the courage to wear fire-red lipstick. New goal for the year? NARS Lipstick in Heatwave + NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Calabria 

Artspeak: Joshua Citarella

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