Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Digital Postcards: Fave Spots of Williamsburg Brooklyn / With Love From Lau

Williamsburg / Digital Postcard from LauToday my good friend Lau leaves for an epic trip across Europe and Asia with her hubby Matteson. It's going to be a long hiatus for those of us here in LA that hangout with this fab lady. I've declared that this is the Year of the Traveling Perry's. Exploring much of Brooklyn in February, Lau took our snapchat conversations to the next level so now the bar is set high for what visual gems will be coming from this future expedition. It was the perfect way to exchange our  stories when we didn't have time to chat. While I was wandering around DTLA and finding new street artists, she was doing the exact same thing but powering through snow and cold temps—such a trooper. Thankfully, with wifi hotspots situated throughout the world, you too can follow along with her adventure overseas via instagram.

In addition to the picture exchanging, Lau provided B&G with a quick roundup of her favorite spots in Williamsburg and surrounding boroughs  of New York: (Sent 02/14)

  • Downstairs from our airbnb, Matteson and I had a wonderful Mexican spiced hot chocolate and a chai lattes at Beaner Bar. Did I mention we live on top of a cafe and right next to a butcher/deli and that both have excellent Yelp reviews??? I literally wake up smelling coffee beans.
  •  A couple of blocks from our place we have Beer Street which is really cool. We KNOW we will become regulars here. So far we have sampled a few beers and recently settled on a growler of Bitter American.
  • We have also met friends at a bar that serves food called Enid's. Beer and some bourbon = happy girl.
  • Matteson's office is just a few blocks off Times Square. I always forget how crazy that place is, and cool. We got a hurried breakfast the other day at Blue Dog Cafe. Matteson hated his coffee and oatmeal, I enjoyed my decaf latte and croissant. Nothing special.
  •  We have also gone to a Brooklyn bar called Skinny Dennis close to Bedford Ave that had a nice happy hour. The bar itself is really cool. Willie Nelson painted on the wall, a hoof hanging next to it, and a thousand other little cool touches, including arcade games…. this place is awesome. And it's right next to Nitehawk, a 3-room theater with two bars where you can eat and drink while you watch a movie. We saw August: Osage County, which was ok but mainly a huge downer. Besides the full menu, each movie comes with a special, themed cocktail and dish. I had a sausage and fries but my sister had the catfish honoring the film plus some skewered meat—all of it delicious.
  • To cheer ourselves up, we met some friends at The Standard by the High Line. Amazing burger and the fries here are delicious!!! Other stuff we got: tuna tartare, plate of charcuterie, the grinder (meatball sub), and lots of wine and beer. We stayed at the bar because the restaurant was busy. It was nice, we could chat and eye the people ice skating on the little ice rink. The service was wonderful.
  • We also did a little sister shopping spree at Buffalo Exchange. I hadn't been to one in so long. It's always fun to find cool old cheap clothes.
  • Since I'm here for a month I was desperate to find a good salon to touch up my roots. I went to Roots Radical Salon and they were fantastic. A bit pricier than I'm used to in Los Angeles but they matched my original color really well, gave me great tips on the neighborhood, etc… quite happy!
  • In terms of pizza, I need to do better. I had two quick slices at Tony's Pizzeria - they were fine but nothing out of this world.
  • Also nearby we have gone to Waffle & Wolf. Pretty good! I love all their combinations, sweet and savory - I should come back and try other stuff. We had a cornbread waffle stack of nutella and strawberries, and a BLT on a regular waffle, a hot tea and a Wolf's Milk (iced coffee with nutella and powder sugar). Good service and quiet environment. Quite pleasant overall. They also have juices. Of course, I loved the music they were playing (Frank Ocean).
  • Another bar I have tried and need to come back to is Daddy's. Their happy hour was awesome: $2 beer, $6 beer and shot. They also serve hot dogs which we have to sample at some point. It was dark and cozy, with a fireplace.
  • Graham Avenue Meats and Deli is also on my same block and this place is just SICK. I am in love. The sandwich The Godfather, spicy, was incredible. I can tell I will love many other sandwiches here. The guy helping me out was so nice. I think he saw me with my eyes just almost coming out of their sockets, overwhelmed trying to take it all in. Other costumers too were so passionate telling me other things to try. I'm told their sides are to die for—mainly the mac salad and the mozzarella and tomato salad. They also have tons of other things you can buy, like fresh pasta, sauces, meats, cheeses...I am getting hungry just writing this!
  • In terms of parks nearby, we have gone to McCarren - they have a dog park area perfect for Weezie. I just don't give up on taking her but should as she has no interest in playing with other dogs. Ha. Plus, it's quite embarrassing. She just barks at any dog that gets close to us. Real classy and neighborly.

Williamsburg / Digital Postcard from Lau Williamsburg / Digital Postcard from Lau

Thank you Lau for the tips & tricks! Can't wait to for an update from your next adventure. Bon voyage Lau and Matteson! XOXO


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