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Town Talk: Jorga Houy, Acupuncturist Extraordinaire

Jorga Houy / Town Talk on Bourbon and Goose Meet Jorga Houy: good friend, guru and acupuncturist. Well, he's my guru. Jorga and I met when I first moved to LA. He was my personal trainer at the Hollywood YMCA. From that point, I knew this man was a healer. During our workouts he provided great advice that helped guide me to where I'm at today. When telling him I had back and wrist pain he suggested I try acupuncture. I was not having any luck with Western medicine. X-rays and doctor visits were leaving me frustrated. Being an adventurist and completely fed up with the pain, I gave it a whirl. Halleluiah, it worked. I found pain relief and Jorga made me a believer in Chinese medicine. At the time Jorga was doing his training. It wasn't until years later I found myself dealing with a crazy amount of stress, anxiety and pain. Western medicine wasn't helping. I didn't want a dose of meds for something I knew was more soul driven and that's when I remembered Jorga's practice LA Sports Acupuncture in Atwater Village. Appointment booked and an impressive bunch of reviews on yelp to boot, Jorga had been busy. I knew he was the man but damn, 5 stars all around. That's talent. Specializing in orthopedics, pain management, and sports medicine Jorga's touch is perfection, plus his bedside manner is soothing. If you are interested in acupuncture, I would strongly recommend Jorga's practice. Here are some quick facts to give you more insight on why I adore this man and his friendship.

The Details:

  • LA Sports Acupuncture is located in Atwater Village at 3215 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039. You can contact him via phone at: (323) 739-4333
  • Jorga is a true LA native. He's lived here all his life—something quite rare in this city of transplants.
  • Part of the medical staff for the LA Derby Dolls. Proof he knows what he's doing.
  • Avid biker, this man knows his city. I can't count how many times I've seen or bumped into him at various locations while he's cruisin'.
  • Jorga is the main reason I still keep my Facebook account because he's always sharing the best links and stories. From interesting posts about health and science to keeping the world updated on LA Derby Dolls events this is one person I enjoy seeing an update from.
  • His journey is an interesting one. His life path has brought him to acupuncture and serving the community with his skills. One of my favorite quotes comes from one of our most recent chats. His father always encouraged him to find his bliss. Seeing Jorga's growth, I can attest this man is living his bliss. Talk about empowering.

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