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My Latest App Obsesssion: Keep.com

Guest Stylist on Keep.com This week I'm doing some guest styling on Keep.com. Last month I was busy sharing different gift guides for the unique characters in your life. In all honesty Keep.com helped me avoid a holiday meltdown by making it super easy to organize the gifts I needed and items I wanted for myself. Yes, I include myself in all holiday shopping lists. It's called treat yo self.

To give you some quick insight to Keep, it's the perfect site for finding, saving and sharing products you love. I've been addicted to the app and site lately and found it to be a good way to pass the time when stuck in line. While I still use Pinterest to bookmark inspiration for mood boards, I prefer Keep.com for products I find during my online "window shopping". I love discovering items that are handmade, vintage and made in America. Instead of bookmarking these finds and forgetting about them, now I can keep them organized properly in my collections. This Christmas, it was a lifesaver from holiday meltdowns. I was able to get 90% of Sam's gifts from my Keep collections proving that window shopping isn't a waste of time. Added bonus: majority of my gifts were from independent artists, makers and shops. Score! An important detail for Sam and me when shopping. If you haven't had a chance to check out Keep.com now is the time. Get your creative caps on and have fun with it. If you need inspiration see my crazy collections here. Happy keeping!


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