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Music Mania 13 / I Wanna Sex You Up

Music Mania 13 / I Wanna Sex You Up While everyone is posting their Valentine's Day DIYs, I decided a music playlist filled with some "hump" day jams was in order. If you are going to craft why not get in the mood and make those DIYs extra special, right? All jokes aside, this tunes list has some oldies to get your swerve on and a single by Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew called Good Sex. Isn't that all we wish for? Well, that and someone to clean the cat box. I guarantee that one will be hitting the charts.

Special thanks to Lau and Nicole for adding a few of their own favorites to the list. Want to get in on the action? Let me know your go-to for knockin the boots and I'll add it to the list.

Get to know more about the artists featured in this playlist:

Broken Social Scene / Color Me Badd / Madonna / Ginuwine / Touch / Jeanne Napoli / Darcus / Lana Del Rey / Pitbull / Kings of Leon / The xx / Massive Attack / Robin Thicke / The Black Keys / The System / Kevin Drew

Image of Miss Van's graffiti wall in Downtown Los Angeles

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