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Town Talk 4 / The Huntington Library

Town Talk 4 | The Huntington Library

This past week I adventured out in Gigawatt to The Huntington Library for an instameet up with Sisilia Piring. I hadn't been to the Huntington Library in years and quickly regretted that when I drove into the property. The colors of the leaves were bright yellow and blanketing the top of the streets. It was truly the perfect day to meet wonderful new people—enjoying time just taking pictures and chatting about our addiction to instagram. The hours flew by and plenty of ground was covered in the different landscapes throughout the park. Impossible to document it all but the perfect excuse to venture back for another day. Plus this is the perfect place to take visitors and family for the holidays.

The Details:

  • Located in San Marino, the property houses more than just the botanical gardens. They also offer a library (hence the name), art collection, tea parties and dining.
  • Note they are closed on Tuesdays but open the rest of the week. Check here for exact hours and admission costs. Free Day is the first Thursday of the month WITH ADVANCE TICKETS but be aware you'll be sharing it with lots of visitors.
  • Strongly recommend the Bonsai Garden. Once a upon a time I tried my hand at growing a bonsai and failed miserably due to lack of patience. My faith was renewed by a volunteer at The Huntington when she encouraged me to try again. This has Go Mighty life list written all over it 2014.
  • The desert garden reminds me of home and quickly became a favorite. The barrel cactus are glorious and there is a wicked Joshua tree that's a must see.
  • There is a Children's garden straight out of storybook land and will most likely restore your inner child. Everything is miniature and awesome. Don't forget to play with the magnetic shavings located near the fatty crow sculptures.
  • Did you know bamboo is a type of grass? Keep this in mind when getting lost in the jungle of this magnificent garden.
  • Have a thing for koi fish? See them in action at the lily pond where they'll put on a show for you. I can honestly attest this a big favorite for kids. The koi will entertain for hours.

The Address:

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens 1151 Oxford Road San Marino, CA  91108 626.405.2100

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Have you been to The Huntington Library? If so, what was your must see? For those outside of LA, what botanical gardens do you have in your city? Would love recommendations!

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