Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Gigawatt: The Electric Journey Continues

Gigawatt: The Electric Journey Continues For the last month I've been driving the electric avenues of LA and thought it was time to post an update on my adventure with Fiat 500e. As my dad would say, it has been a "learning" experience. Let me break it down for you with the highs and lows so it's not an epic story that bores you to Snoozefest 2013.

1. My first week of having the car was rough: I got the notorious flu that has been plaguing LA and then I received a ticket for using my phone's navigation in Burbank (side note: it's expensive). Of course this experience ended with me not having my license, bumbling around because I can't operate anything and last but not least my purse in the trunk. It wasn't all bad as I didn't get arrested and the officer was semi-pleasant.

2. Upside: I haven't had to purchase gas in almost a month. Yes, I"m serious. I still have to pay for electricity but I have learned this will cost me roughly around $3.50 per charge. My last car required premium gas and had to be filled up once a week. On average costing me about $60 per week. Looks like I'll be saving about $35 a week so point for Fiat 500e. But please remind me of all this when my electric bill is due. Otherwise you will find me at the Griffin crying into my Kentucky mule over the high bill.

3. Fiat tires are not Lexus tires. How do I know? Easy. I popped 2 of them going over a pothole on the way to the Unique Space dance party. A total buzz kill that basically ruined my weekend. BTW, warranty doesn't cover that so it was over $300 to replace and I've learned that Fiat of Glendale didn't replace them, they just patched the hole. Still dealing with that headache. Point for Lexus as I never had to deal with that before.

4. Enough of my cry me a river blah blah blah, the car pays for itself in parking spots. Meaning: parking comes easy with this car. The true test was at Michael's in Glendale. If you have been, you know that place is a nightmare on any day. I was able to get prime parking in less than 3 minutes on Black Friday. Yes, hate me.

5. My bike and car are particularly the same size. Random, I know but hilarious each time I go out for a ride. See comparison below.

Gigawatt the Fiat 500e vs Bike

6. Been jamming to some sweet Sintara radio from Sirius Satellite Radio. Point for Fiat.

7. Strangers love to chit chat with me about Gigawatt. Meeting others that have gone electric and gives me hope my journey will be successful.

8. With an electric vehicle you can receive a HOV sticker. This means free access to the carpool lane which will come in handy going to the west side.

Every ride in this car has been interesting but like all adjustments, I just need to get used to it. What changes have you made that caused you to completely adjust? Would you go electric if you had the opportunity?


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