Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Gift Guide Crazy + Music Mania 9: Let's Dance, David Bowie Edition

David Bowie Gift Guide and Music Playlist / Bourbon and Goose

1. 2014 Mark's Silicon Block Planner A6. 2. DIY Nails Many Faces Of Bowie Nail Decals 3. Saint Jareth Prayer Candle - Labyrinth David Bowie from HolyPopCulture 4. Jonathan Adler Glitter Canister 5. Bike spoke decorations thunder and stars from Firefly 6. Collection of Vintage Arrows (Set of 5) from GallivantingGirls

It is extremely hard for me to resist anything David Bowie so I had to create a collection of gifts on that would feature this adorning guru and pull together a music mania playlist filled with Bowie hits. Not sure if you are aware but David Bowie is a big patron of the arts. He's not just a music megastar prancing around tooting his own horn. He keeps his kind acts under the radar proving this guy doesn't need any validation from the press. That's called being a bad ass. But how do I know this tidbit? Once a upon a time I had an art teacher in college who created large scale ceramic portraits based on his childhood home in Japan. An interesting fellow and not a huge fan of my lizard sculptures I was making, he won big points with me after telling the class about his creative path. As you know by now, I'm a huge fan of people's stories—hence the Town Talk column. Like all great life stories this one had a epic turning point. It came when when the teacher was showing his work in a friend's gallery in Soho. Not much traction going on for his work (these sculptures are life-size so 5 feet and up), he felt a little uneasy about the direction of his art career but then received news that David Bowie had inquired about his work and his contact info. Someone (well, someone big) believed in his work and gave him the extra push he needed to get back on the horse and not lose faith in his dream. The rest is history. Obviously this story increased my love for, I mean David. So today, we salute the Ziggy Stardust and anyone who's a fan by collecting some fun David Bowie items—some inspired and some all David Bowie.

12 Days Of Atwater Village / Lenore Solis & Associates

12 Days Of Atwater Village / The Griffin

12 Days Of Atwater Village / The Griffin