Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Gift Guide Crazy: Items For The Hipster Martha Stewart

Personality types tend to mix together and I've noticed in my pool of friends there is a new Type A in the group: The Hipster Martha Stewart. Let me break this person down for you as you can get a sense of their identity. It's someone that values independent thinking, wears their indie heart on their American Apparel sleeve but is selective about their own personal brand. They also tend to favor hidden culinary gems and a proper cocktail in their up and coming neighborhood. It's your friend that introduces you to the finer artsy things in life and unlike Martha their instagram feed is always above and beyond exceptional. My suspicion is that Ms Martha was once like this. Before the mega-millions and billions, I bet she was the girl that introduced sprigs of rosemary in champagne while laying pendleton blankets out on the grassy knoll of the library for a pop-up picnic. Man, I like that Martha Stewart so much better. So in honor of that personality type, here are some selects from my collection. Don't forget to check out there rest here.

Gifts for The Hipster Martha Stewart / Bourbon and Goose

1. Kings Road Apothecary — Herbal Surprise Box 1 year subscription 2. Hand-Braided Apple Baskets 3. Soapstone Griddle from Anthropologie 4. Bunch Magazine 5. Klai Golden Girl 4 cup 6. Mushroom Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie

Image of young Martha Stewart of Edward Hotspur's post: My Coworkers Are A Bunch of Martha Stewarts

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