Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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12 Days of Atwater Village / Los Angeles River

LA River / Bourbon and Goose When you think of Los Angeles, it's highly unlikely you'll picture the LA River as your first vision of the City of Angels. But being on the east side, you tend to think about this oasis a little more than your average Angeleno and here's why. In Atwater Village, the Los Angeles River is super close, running parallel to the 5 freeway. It provides an incredible bike path and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Recently the city is trying more than ever to rehabilitate this watercourse as it's a thriving habitat for birds and fish. A couple of weeks ago Sam and I witnessed a guy catch a carp bigger than our crazy dogs. Not hard to do since they are under 10 pounds but can you imagine that sucker? It was pretty crazy to see this ginormous fish that I would have never guessed was lurking in the river. While Sam and I tend to hit our secret spot for some nice chill time, the river path is pretty busy with cyclists, dog walkers and horseback riding. Our pocket is close to Griffith Park and perfect spot for a picnic only a short walk away. I encourage you to explore the Glendale Narrows next time you are visiting the Atwater hood. For us, we are adding to our 2014 goal list of making the bike journey towards the Valley. Hey, maybe we'll even add kayaking to the list if we can get our balanced perfect.

The Details:

  • The LA River is 51 miles long, 32 of those miles are within Los Angeles. The river connects to 2 of the world's busiest ports and runs into the Pacific Ocean.
  • Mayor Eric Garcetti showed his support for the rehabilitation of the LA River by doing a guided walking tour instead of his highly anticipated kayak tour that  had to be reschedule due to rainy conditions.
  • Hollywood loves the LA River for backdrops. Most recently seen in the world's first ever 24 hour music video from Pharrell's 24hourofhappy.
  • The bike path is growing along the river with efforts from groups like Friends of the Los Angeles River. The 3.2 mile portion near Atwater is goes from Los Feliz Blvd to Riverside Dr. Learn more about the bike paths here.
  • The LA River begins in Canoga Park, flows through the San Fernando Valley, along the cities of Burbank and Glendale, along Griffith Park and Elysian Park, through Downtown LA and then through the cities of Vernon, Commerce, Maywood, Bell, Bell Gardens, South Gate, Lynwood, Compton, Paramount, Carson, and Long Beach. (source: LA River | City of Los Angeles)
  • After a round of golf at the Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course or breakfast from the Los Feliz Cafe, hit up the entry way just adjacent of the golf parking lot. It's the perfect entry point to seeing the river.
  • Glendale Narrows is the 7 mile area of the river located near the Hyperion bridge, connecting Franklin Hills and Atwater Village.

Glendale Narrows Walk Path / LA River / Bourbon and Goose Glendale Narrows Walk Path / LA River / Bourbon and Goose

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