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12 Days Of Atwater Village / Lenore Solis & Associates

Lenore Solis and Associates / Bourbon and Goose / #BGTownTalk I have a confession. I am absolutely horrible at preparing my taxes. Tax preparation is definitely not my thing. I am that person who takes a tax extension and then waits again until the last minute come October. Promising to be better every year, I thought for sure 2013 I could pull it off. I envisioned myself crossing that April 15th deadline with flying colors. Nope. Did not make it again. So, like every year in the House of Berrini I go into my freak out mode. How am I going to file for an extension the day before deadline now that I'm in a new neighborhood? Thankfully, I used my resources and whipped out the yelp app. My quick search landed me on Lenore Solis & Associates profile. Tons of positive reviews and all 4 stars, I knew I had found my savior. I grabbed my bike and headed down there. Upon meeting Lenore I knew immediately why she had so many great reviews. She is awesome. Lenore took care of everything AND when I returned in October she walked me through my taxes thoroughly so now I know exactly what is needed for 2014. My preparation for next year has already started and I am so thankful for Lenore. Truly a blessing. If you are in the market for tax services, give her a call asap!

The Details:

  • Located at 3315 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Open Monday - Thursday 9 am -5 pm and Friday 9 am - 3 pm.
  • Lenore has been doing business in Atwater Village since 1980. How cool is that???
  • They don't just do tax preparation. Lenore Solis & Associates also provide document preparation, notary services and my favorite, LA County marriages. This means you can get married right on site.
  • Lenore has also consulted me on the tax benefits for an electric car (if there were any) and office spaces. Seriously, she's the best!

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