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12 Days Of Atwater Village / Bigfoot Lodge

Bigfoot Lodge East in Atwater Village / Bourbon and Goose #BGTownTalkThe Bigfoot Lodge was an obvious choice for the 12 days of Atwater Village as Sam and I spend are fair share of time at this bar. Not just because of the drinks but because of Sam's participation in Bigfoot's monthly Knotty Pine Derby Races. These epic races take place on the last Tuesday of each month. You can guarantee seeing us there getting our race on. Well, at least Sam. I've raced a couple but quickly lost interest when my car won for ugliest. No one understood my ode to Pink Floyd's Animals theme. Sigh. At least I won coolest for Darkside of the Oz. But besides the races, this 1903 group's bar is a fixture of Atwater. Upon entering it reminds you of Disneyland's Country Bear Jamboree. A warm fireplace, wood decor and lots of interesting characters hanging on the wall, it's no wonder why this neighborhood bar is a must.

The Details

  • Opes at 5pm every day, Monday - Sunday.
  • Located at 3172 Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Last Tuesday of every month is the Knotty Pine Derby Races. Come check it out to see how creative everyone gets. There are some masterpieces that will blow your mind and if you feel the eager to compete, there are kits available at the bar.
  • If making cars doesn't float your boat, there are other event options like bingo, karaoke, trivia night and rock n' roll night.
  • Favorite memory: last month someone bought the bar a round and then followed it up with 3 more. God bless free rounds!
  • Happy hour everyday from 5pm-8pm.

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