Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Thankful For These Fur Kids: Meet Willie Nelson + Buju

Buju + Willie Nelson Earlier this month Sam and I were asked by how do our dogs represent Los Angeles and it got me thinking: I haven't introduced these 2 crazy pups on the blog yet. Some of you might already know them if you follow us on instagram but these yahoos (their grandma's nickname for them) are more than a pretty face or silly tongue. Since today is Thanksgiving, it only seemed appropriate to feature these loves and our favorite dog friendly spots in LA. Get ready for a whole lot of trouble with Willie Nelson and Buju...

Sam and I tend to stay local to our eastside community of Atwater Village. Thankfully our hood has a variety of outdoor places that are pooch friendly within walking distance like the LA River, Griffith Park, Village Bakery and lots of walk-friendly neighborhood streets. Most of the time these couch potatoes love to just nap the day away.

Atwater Village: Willie Nelson and Buju

When we aren't perusing our local Atwater Village haunts, or in Willie's case, hopping around town, then you can find these 2 pups accompanying us on our camping adventures. Our favorite westside campsites: Leo Carrillo State Beach and Point Mugu. The boys need time to recoup and Kukui needs her vacay from dogtown. Since dogs are allowed at these sites, it's perfect but be sure to keep them on leash and always pay attention. You never know what type of wildlife is lurking around on the ground and above. There are some fatty crows out there that tend to be more distraction than one would like.

Buju + Willie Nelson

Now when the guys can't join us and their g-ma can't make it to Cali for pup-sittin, lets us do a quick search of dog boarding options in our area. Check them out if you're looking for a pet-sitter or interested in becoming one yourself.


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