Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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TGIF 5 / Labyrinth, Honeycomb + Best Friends

TGIF 5 /  Labyrinth, Honeycomb,  Best Friends + more Boy has this week gone by fast. I can't believe that it just flew by and to top it off I only managed to get a couple of items done off my to-do list. This weekend will also be jammed pack with dancing, creating and eating of course. We'll be hitting up The Unique Space's dance party and seeing some of our fellow camp friends. While we get our boogie on, catch up on what's going on in these links below:

Crafting up a storm this past week and excited to throw our yearly Christmas bash but this time with a modern twist thanks to Kelly! Here's the step by step on how to get your honeycomb on for Christmas: DIY Honeycomb Ornament Chandeliers

These Mini Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pies by Leah from Freutcake are on our must make list. The fact that they are miniature and have bourbon makes the world a better place.

You already know that we fancy Billy from Wit + Vinegar and now he's gone Hogwarts on us and made his own brown sugar. WHAT??? Check it here: HOW TO: MAKE BROWN SUGAR / FEEL LIKE A WIZARD

We have a soft spot for animals and this post by Best Friends shows why adopting is #1 in our books. Meet our new best friends

Doing a ton of R&D for a project I'm working on and happen to come across these amazing photos from Kyli Sparre: Photographs by Kylli Sparre (aka Sparrek)

Big fans of Labyrinth so this quiz quickly because a highly clicked item in our book. If you don't know what I'm talking about you automatically fail. How Well Do You Know "Labyrinth"?

Speaking of movies we love. how about directors? Wes Anderson is our stud muffin when it comes to flicks. Love the theme of this art show from Spoke Art: Art tribute to Wes Anderson ‘Bad Dads’ Is Anything But

A little known fact about Sam: he's still got his boombox from his younger days. Because of this, the man has been on a cassette binge. Now this seems right up his alley: The lost art of cassette tape spines

Thanks for Pugly Pixel, we added Frances Ha to our Netflix cue. Being a design nerd and poster junkie, I'm completely gaga over this post: Deconstructing the Frances Ha Movie Poster.

Lots of time spent this week making gift guides that are so wacky you might just flip. Follow Marissa on and see for yourself before they go live.

As I look to the mountain of clothes growing near my bed, I couldn't help but be attracted to the idea of simplifying my wardrobe. Allie's recap of how she made it happen: How I Simplified My Wardrobe

Our friend Jorga always posts the best articles. It's the main reason I keep my facebook account. Here's a thought-poking piece on men wearing nail polish. Since I come from the beauty industry I dig men that wear polish: Gender Justice Feminism

I love seeing bloggers that I've been following for awhile achieving great success and making power moves. Big congrats to Joanna for her adorable Fashion Feature in Redbook and a big toast to Eileen on making the leap to freelance. Very excited for you!



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