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TGIF 4 / Cider Parties, BatKid, Online Dating, Confetti Turkey + More

TGIF 4 / Cider Parties, BatKid, Online Dating, Confetti Turkey + More This week we kicked off our new series, Meet Gigawatt and made stockings for Christmas. We also have been busy working on some side projects (more to come on those later in the month). With lots going on at home, somehow I still find time to hit the internet. Here is what grabbed my attention this week:

We adore Emily Ho. She's one of our favorite muses (she taught us how to make shrubs, sodas and syrups). Now we can add party goddess to that list. She had us over for a cider tasting party. Check out her post and the results over at The Kitchn: Fall Party Idea: Host A Cider Tasting

Speaking of awesome people, you have to see this video of our good friend Matteson Perry giving everyone hope about online dating: Online Dating Works (kind of)

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away? Well, have some fun on turkey day with this DIY from Kelly at StudioDIY. It's absolutely our kind of turkey: DIY Confetti Stuffed Turkey

While your getting Thanksgiving decor ready, now would be a great time to start thinking about Christmas and Chelsea from Lovely Indeed just taught us how to make monogram stocking (we are now experts on felt). This woman has skills and luckily for you, she's sharing her talent in her new ebook: Make Your Day: DIY, All Day Long

Since you're feeling all crafty, get the ultimate inspiration from Mark Nixons photographs. Admit it, you still have your old teddy bear: Mark Nixons Photographs of Vintage Teddy Bears

Veteran's Day was this week but we should always be honoring the men and women who fight for our country. A thought-poking story from Roads and Kingdoms and people we should always be thankful for. Cocktails & Carnage: Dinner with Staff Sergeant Henline

One of our favorite people, Eden from The Road to the Good Life shared this Ira Glass Inspiration during an Alt Summit twitter chat.

This weekend we'll be vegging out on these carrots to make up for all the slow cooker meals that were indulged on this week: Spiced Little Carrots From Vedge

One day I hope to be able to pull of this apple pie from Art of the Age: Thanksgiving Recipes: Snap Apple Pie. Maybe I should add to my Go Mighty list?

Whoa, with the holidays coming and I'm sure Amazon's warehouses are only going to get crazier: Chaotic storage. Inside Amazon's warehouse

Being a creative, inspiration is everything. Loving this Q&A: Meet the Creative Director, Dominic Williams of Fat Media

If you really want to feel good about the world, check out #SFBatKid in action, helping to demolish crime in the city! Everything You Need To Know About Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Adorable, Crime-Fighting Batkid

Ending on a high note with BatKid and can honestly say that this weekend is going to be great thanks to that story! Happy weekend everyone!

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