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Music Mania 6 / Backyard Sessions with Alana Amram, Matt Kivel and Sophia Knapp

Music Mania / Backyard Sessions Today we are doing something different for our Music Mania series. Switching it up from Spotify playlist to some new and upcoming artists you need to put on your radar right now. These 3 artists are genuine and currently on repeat in our house. We discovered them thanks for Backyard Sessions, a magical event of music, drinks and backyards. Big fans of independent artists and those that march to their own beat, this DIY event was right up our alley. Big thanks to Unique Camp Maverick Ashley for having us!

Now get to it and press play: Alana Amram / listen  /  Matt Kivel / listen  / Sophia Knapp / listen

The stage / Music Mania / Backyard Sessions

The stage

Alana Amram / Music Mania 6 / Backyard Sessions

Alana Amram / Backyard Sessions

Matt Kivel / Music Mania 6 / Backyard Sessions

Matt Kivel / Backyard Sessions

Sophia Knapp / Music Mania 6 / Backyard Sessions

Sophia Knapp / Backyard Sessions

Warm & Cozy / Music Mania / Backyard Sessions

Warm & Cozy + a beer = Good night

The scene / Music Mania / Backyard Sessions

The scene

The guys / Music Mania / Backyard Sessions

The guys: Sam and Aaron

TGIF 5 / Labyrinth, Honeycomb + Best Friends

Mixing & Mingling with Studio DIY: Holiday Craft Party Fun