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Mixing & Mingling with Studio DIY: Holiday Craft Party Fun

Have you been over to Studio DIY yet today? If not, you better click your way over there ASAP for some major holiday flair! Last month I spent a wonderful day getting into the Christmas spirit with Kelly and a whole troop of fabulous bloggers. Needless to say the honeycombs, macaroons and Martha Stewart holiday ornaments were out of control in the best way possible—taking ornaments off the tree and straight into honeycomb land. Having friends that can DIY like nobody's business is non-stop motivation to take my online skills offline with a pair of shears and thread (are you following us on instagram?) and thanks to Sarah from Very Sarie I can now add a little handmade to my invites for this year's Christmas bash with a simple click of a button. Holiday stress be gone! Here are some quick snaps from the behind the scenes of this holiday craft party. As for the rest of the fab blogger troop, you can find these lovely ladies here: Callie, Sarah, Chelsea, LeahAmanda, and Mary Costa Photography. Big thank you to Kelly for all the fun!Honeycombs and Martha Stewart Ornaments

Honeycomb action.

Up, up and away!

Up, up and away. Thanks Sarah for the photo!

Having tons of fun with Studio DIY

Girls just want to have fun.

Sarah from Very Sarie: taste tester extraordinaire

Sarah, taste tester extraordinaire.

Mary and Kelly workin it

Mary and Kelly workin it.

Mary Costa capturing the day

Mary doin her thing!

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