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Town Talk 2 / The Spare Room Off-Site Cocktail Services

Town Talk 2 / The Spare Room Off-site Cocktail Services

Photo credit by Jazzi McGilbert and Sean Han

Remember that last party you went to and the food was great but the cocktails were so-so? I mean, who uses REGULAR ice cubes anymore? Sheesh, someone please get that host the memo. So now you can leave those less than average parties in the past thanks to The Spare Room's Off-site Cocktail Services. The master minds and owners, Med Abrous and Marc Rose, behind our favorite bar and bowling alley just elevated the LA private party scene to the next level. Hearing our prayers they decided to bring their craft cocktail services beyond Hollywood Blvd and into your living space. Event planners and social butterflies I hope you are taking notes because this will save your next soiree. Move over P Diddy because YOU now hold the keys to party bliss without breaking the bank. The Spare Room offers packages starting at $30 per person for private parties and now options for large events of 500 or more. Perfect for those of you heading down the aisle. So leave all those mediocre parties in the past and start planning your celebration, especially now—tis the season anyone? We know you like to play mixologist but trust us, leave that to the experts from The Spare Room to ensure  your party will be a hit. And just so we are clear on the above, we provided the details below for a quick read, after the pretty pictures of course: Town Talk 2 / The Spare Room Off-site Cocktail Services

Photo credit by Jazzi McGilbert and Sean Han

Town Talk 2 / The Spare Room Off-site Cocktail Services

Photo credit by Puno

The Spare Room Off-site Cocktail Services:: the Details

-First and foremost: the bartenders come prepared with the freshest produce, handpicked spirits and pressed juices to create a personalized cocktail experience. Basically it's like Willy Wonka and Martha Stewart just arrived at your party.

-No party is too large or too small. They have packages starting at $30 per person (hey that's less than going out on Sunset Blvd) and now can service larger events from 500-1000.

-They DESIGN + CURATE a custom bar for your event. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. Imagine all the possibilities.

-For an add-on you can have a 20-bottle curated back bar. Um, yes please. 10 points to those of you who know what a fernet branca is.

-Can we talk seasons? The Spare Room Seasonal Cocktail Menu is off the hook. If you don't know what a Thanks Grandma! is then you need to put down that crappy pumpkin spice latte and head over to the Roosevelt for one STAT. It's a delicious concoction of Jamaican rum, hazelnut and allspice liqueurs, cinnamon spiced pumpkin, cream and nutmeg. While you're at it, take a picture and send it to grandma letting her know you had one in her honor.

-Another festive option: the punch. It doesn't get any better than a one of a kind punch created just for your blowout.

Now get to it and reserve your event date. Added bonus: Katy Connors, the Event Coordinator is the best. She'll have your festivity being the talk of the town guaranteed!

Contact Info:

The Spare Room 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Mezzanine Level Los Angeles, CA 90028 323.769.7226



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