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Wednesday Spotify Music Playlist: LOVELIFE (LVLF)

Can't Stop Listening to: Lovelife (LVLF) Lately I've been on instagram way more than any other social media network. So much that I find myself stumbling upon random items that I can't get enough of—one in particular is UK synth-pop band, Lovelife (LVLF). This new found discovery has been on repeat since and I couldn't wait to share it with you guys. Their vibe is like a mix of Shiny Toy Guns meets Depeche Mode (well, add a little pop to it too). There isn't a ton of write ups on this band since the name change in 2010 but their soundcloud provides tracks from their latest EP: STATELESS dropping October 1st. You can also find it streaming on hypetrak. Check them out and if you are interested in seeing them live they are touring with LA favorite band The Neighbourhood.

LOVELIFE: Ally Young, Leonard Newell, Frank Colucci and Sam Jackson


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*Image used in creative above from band's instagram.

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