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For the Love of Film: The New York Times Indie Online Film Festival


The New York Times Indie Online Film Festival

A couple weeks ago, we were treated by Acura with The New York Times Indie Film Festival at Sonos Studios. The event was just as classic and beautifully designed like Acura and The New York Times themselves. We got to indulge in our inner indie film critic, plus try Stella's newest elixir, Stella Artois Cidre.  The best part was getting an introduction to 4 new indie films—each in their own right unique and poetic. Luckily for you there is still time to check out these films online thanks to the wonderful sponsors like Acura. Below is all the info you need; so put down the remote and get ready to enjoy these 4 films. I'd rather not spoil it for you (no one likes that) but try to guess which one was our favorite and be sure to share in the comments your favorite!

About the online festival:

The online film festival presents four independent films curated by The New York Times that are directed by new talents. These 2 features and 2 short films showcase the budding talents of the independant film scene in which the sponsors and The New York Times celebrate the vision and talent of these independent filmmakers by bringing their work to a wider audience online. Available for viewing online from: September 3 through October 2, 2013

The films: PINCUS, directed by David Fenster

TOWHEADS, directed by Shannon Plumb (comedy)

RECORD/PLAY Directed by Jesse Atlas

 Big Man, directed by Julius Onah

It's always great to see companies supporting the arts during a time when it seems like a uphill battle. Do your part and help spread the world about these 4 great films.

Special thanks to Acura for the experience.

Learn more about The New York Times Indie Online Film Festival here.


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