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{ Wednesday Playlist } Ready Set Go Music Playlist from Keith Burnson

Arcade Fire Sad news but Designers.Mx crew has shut down their website. I can't believe it's taken me this long to find out. That site has been my go-to for discovering new music and art. It was my absolute favorite way to learn about other designers in the world and their music taste. Well, I'm completely bummed out about it but luckily some of these playlists still exist on spotify. Today's comes from Keith Burnson, a digital craftsman from Knock Knock Factory located out of Florida. This playlist is filled with old jams from Death Cab, Yeasayer, Arcade Fire and Animal Collective (well, if you think old is a couple years ago). I fell for Keith's mix because it reminded me of my hype machine days. Enjoy this playlist and don't forget to send Keith a tweet thanking him for bringing the noise and check out his awesome creative work on his dribble page.

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