Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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The Unique Space: Keeping the Arts District Unique!

The Unique Space, Los Angeles UPDATE: The Unique Space is now open! Go check it out at the address below: 1275 E. 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90021

Are you one (or more) of the following?

a. A creative entrepreneur

b. Artist

c. Designer

d. Supporter of the arts

e. All the above

Well, if you answered yes to any of the selections, then this post is for you. Here is why:

Sam and I adore Downtown LA's Arts District. The community, like the area, is one of a kind. Reminiscent of New York's East Village you are sure to find inspiration and unusual gems hidden amongst scrumptious food + drink eateries. Crafting is the norm in this district, which can be seen in the eclectic group of individuals residing there like the Proprietors, Poketo, Unique USA, just to name a few. A mecca for new ideas and inspiration that travels beyond the freeways surrounding it. Enter the Unique Spaceβ€”a co-work, office & event space spearheaded by leading lady, Sonja Rasula. She has brought us awesome events and experiences like Unique Camp, Unique LA and Fake Prom (and that's just a few!). She has taken her passion for keeping the Arts District available to up & coming creatives by investing in its future and developing a space that will be the hub for the art community to meet, network, explore new ideas and craft. Want to get in on this action? Of course you do! We did. It's easy thanks to Kickstarter and all the awesome perks for pledging. So skip that latte, put down that jacket that will be so out of season once October hits and invest your hard earned cash into a passion project that benefits LA's Downtown community and your artistic needs. Talk about a win-win situation for everyone. Luckily for you, we picked our top perks that are way too good to pass up on:

For the Drink Enthusiast: The Proprietors Workshop, $65

Sam and I can tell you first hand, you do not want to miss this workshop. We had a chance to learn from The Proprietors', Alex Day and David Kaplan, while we were at CAMP. These guys are KNOWN all over the world for their cocktail creation skills and their team is pretty much the ALL-STARS of the mixology game. That being said, if you want to kick up your cocktail crafting skills to rule any drink scene, this would be the place to do it. The event will be located in their NEW Downtown LA bar (talk about bragging rights to all your friends) and you'll have a blast rubbing elbows with the nicest guys in town.

For the Social Butterfly: 1-Year Unique Space Membership, $240

Perfect for any individual who already has a work space but are looking to join a community of like-minded creatives. This perk gets you a year long membership (plus the rest of 2013) and access to monthly events, volunteer opportunities and mixers. That averages to about $20 per month...again who needs lattes when you could be having awesome experiences and making connections?

For The Scenester: The Unique Space Launch Party & Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 12th because you do not want to miss this event. In order to kickoff a community space, one must have an EPIC party and of course Sonja knows how to throw a bad ass party. The celebration will have all the bells and whistles you could hope for: open bar, photos by Smilebooth (you know how much we LOVE that) and dancing. < Pause for a little freak out dance move > Sam and I will be there getting our dance so be sure to join us. This will be one for the books!

There are so many awesome perks that are part of the kickstarter, so be sure to check them out. Only a couple more weeks left so now is the time to be a voice and help move the Arts District forward and remember, we are all in this together!

Be sure to follow The Unique Space on instagram to see the progress in action!

Photo credits: Unique Space


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