Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


to the colorful journal of Marissa Berrini, creative director, traveler, artist, and curator living in Los Angeles. Launched back in 2010, as Bourbon and Goose, Marissa's blog serves to be an inspiration for those times we’re stuck in a rut and help expand our community to dive deeper beyond the eye candy and more into the soul all while discovering self-worth, love, being present in the moment and creating the life you were meant to live.

New & Improved Passionfruit 2.0 Wins In Our Book + Giveaway!

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Ad systems can be difficult to install, manage and can easily put a damper on your blogasphere. Thanks to Passionfruit 2.0, that's all in the past. With their new system you don't have to be at the mercy of another widget. Instead, they make it painless for you from the beginning by simplifying the steps, outlining the process AND now they are giving you more options for sponsorship than just a banner ad. Refreshing, right?

Well, for us, it is because we are looking for those sponsorship opportunities. That's why we absolutely adore the Passionfruit marketplace. This gem allows us to search for which blogs to SUPPORT. It's our tool to connect with the blogging community and get behind like-minded bloggers like Bedsidesign, Red Parka and Savanna Smiled. All 3 of these awesome blogs hold a special place in our hearts because we truly believe in what they are doing. Being a supporter means the world to us and having a resource to help nurture that passion is priceless.

Now we know that the change in pricing might be an adjustment but just like us Passionfruit needs to move forward to sustain and grow their business. Gone are the days of free and we totally get it. Sometimes in order to move forward, you need to make some changes to meet the growth. Think about: you spend that money easily on nonsense items each day so make it your intention to reinvest in yourself and passion. We believe in Passionfruit and appreciate their customer service and support.

Thankfully Passionfruit is giving Bourbon & Goose the opportunity to give away 5 free memberships ($50 value) to 5 lucky winners! Trust us, this is a reason to celebrate: new and improved ad system with multiple options for sponsorship opportunities makes life so much easier! ;)

The Details:

  • 5 free memberships, valued at $50 each, good for one year
  • Already have a Passionfruit membership? They'll refund you so it doesn't hurt to enter!
  • Giveaway winners will be announced Sept 1st.
  • You need to have the Passionfruit ad widget installed by Sept 1 in order to claim the prize.

The Benefits:

  • Professional ad shop
  • More options like guest posts and social media mentions
  • Payment processing made easy
  • They host the image, you don't
  • They send you reminders!
  • Easy HTML that you can copy + paste
  • Ad tracking (perfect for those of us always checking our stats)
  • Great customer service

Now what are you waiting for? Enter!

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