Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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HIS + HERS: Books, Gel Manicures and Tattoos

HIS + HERS: Gel nails, You Are A Circle and Tattoos Last month Sam and I both made a couple of purchases that are bringing us into August. Of course these items were totally on the opposite sides of the spectrum but that's how we keep life interesting during our slower days of the week. Lately Sam's been on a tattoo kick and his latest features his love for WEEN (seriously this man and his BF are BIG Ween fans, to the point I got pushed off a chair because of their excitement while talking about the band). Next to him in the photo below is good friend Jeff honoring his mother with Call Mom. I tagged along for the ride and couldn't stop laughing at how much fun it was to be with the guys. Their antics easily earn these two some street cred.

As for me, I kept things chill and got my nails did. While I was at it, I brought my new book for inspiration. If you haven't read You Are A Circle by Unique Camp counselor and neighbor Guillaume Wolf "Prof. G", you better to get on it ASAP. Anyone needing a little creative bump, yes, I'm speaking to you, would appreciate this book. Guillaume supplies sound advice for when you need it. You can kind of say it's like the bible for anyone on a creative journey. If you are local, grab yours from Individual Medley or otherwise find it online here. If you dig the gel nail look above, check out Ki Nail Spa in Little Tokyo. The staff there know what they are doing and do an excellent job of protecting your nails when applying the gel. Seriously my favorite spot for level of service, skill set and color options.



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