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This Week's Videos That Make Us Ponder WTF

3 Random Things: BrEaCh, Miley Cyrus and Die Antwoord It must be in the air but there have been a random mix of videos this week. Miley Cyrus, BrEaCh and Die Antwoord. Get ready for some extreme stuff like dancing bear backpacks, hair monsters and peeing yourself during a video.

Let's start with Miley's latest video, #WECANTSTOP. Clearly she is seeking attention by ripping off Die Antwoord (see last video) mixed with a little of Rihanna. We've all been there trying to figure out who we are (some are still at it) but thankfully it wasn't broadcast to everyone and their dog. The song is pop but the video seems to be asking for a label. It's loud and clear that Billy Ray does not run this house anymore but you're guaranteed there will be tons of remixes coming our way.

Sam and I have been chatting tons about his hair and how out of control it is and that it's possibly time for a hair cut. If not, there is a chance he'll be requested on tour for BrEaCh. Check out this wacky video below.

I'm not posting the video for Die Antwoord's newest release COOKIE THUMPER. I was going to and then decided it's best for you to really want to see it. If so, you can find it here but be warned, it's pretty gnarly. Yolandi at her worst hanging out with a bad boy that makes Colin Farrell look like a dork. If you have the stomach for it, watch and you can see why I made my reference above regarding Miley. Thinking Miley's seeking to be the Yolandi of the Pop Princess world. Not a big fan of Die Antwoord but Sam likes them.

So, there you have my selections for videos that really made me wonder what the hell is going on. Have any to share? Would love to hear.

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