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The Sky's The Limit: Sky Ferreira + ASOS Magazine

Sky Ferreira ASOS cover: Photography by Jason Lee Parry As Sam and I are gearing up for ACL Fest in October, I've been curious about music and fashion. It seems that everyone has something to say about music festivals and what to wear but it almost seems transparent—more like a push to sell those cut off denim short shorts and cropped tops. So I've been doing some R&D and really searching on who actually gets the music. Well, thanks to my weekly email updates from ASOS Magazine it's apparent that they do. The team at ASOS keeps it real by showcasing up and coming artists like Haim, Azealia Banks, Charli XCX and now Sky Ferreira. Their curated music selections keep it real—getting to know the artist behind the scenes, almost like a throwback to MTV's House of Style age. (Speaking of...what the hell happened MTV? Talk about a FAIL.) So this July's edition features the cheeky blonde beauty doing her thing and telling her story of how she landed in the music business ( a mix of Myspace and interesting connection to Michael Jackson). This young talent from LA landed on my radar thanks to Hype Machine and nice remix of Sky's single, Everything is Embarrassing from Twin Shadow. Read about her story here and see how she took on challenges, conquered awkwardness and pushed through the music barrier. More after the jump.

Sky Ferreira ASOS July Style 2013: Photography by Jason Lee Parry

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Photography for ASOS by Jason Lee Parry

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