Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Hasta La Vista May. Bring on June!

May Insta Love #bourbonandgoose For May being 31 days it flew by way too quickly for us. Sam and I had so much going on, it was almost a blur. Well, thanks to Instagram we can remind ourselves how much we accomplished and how much fun we had. These memories are one for the books...

Starting top left to right:

1. Date night at Terminator Too 2. Samuel surprised me with a beautiful bracelet made by him. :) 3. Piñata for the Kentucky Derby inspired by my favorite crafty lady, Kelly from Studio DIY 4. Our AWESOME postcards from CAMP getting us psyched for our big camping trip. 5. Purchasing some bad ass loot from Teri Hatcher's yard sale benefiting Juvenile Arthritis 6. Participating in ALT for Everyone and meeting some amazing bloggers 7. Hanging with our good friends while celebrating Kentucky Derby 8. Showering our moms with love thanks to the Flower Muse 9. Being so proud of my nephew for conquering bootcamp. #supportthetroops 10. Finding a cool hidden gem in our neighborhood thanks to Memphis George 11. Taking the train to San Diego for Mother's Day. Thanks Amtrak! 12. Touring the Village Tavern and finding a Luke Chueh on the chalkboard wall.

The crazy thing about this list: that's only half of it. The adventures were off the hook this May. From dinner dates with the girls, all the way to surviving Downtown during a car commercial filming, Sam and I sure know how to find adventure in this city. Cheers to June being that much better!

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