Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Back to Reality But With A New Prespective Thanks To Unique CAMP + Our T-Shirt Giveaway on Red Parka!

The Unique Camp + Smilebooth 2013 Sam and I are back in the LA after 4 days of awesomeness thanks to Unique CAMP. We won't dive into our journey just yet, as we are both still processing what we learned and how it felt to unplug from the daily grind. As Sam and I walked into this 4-day creative conference blindly, not knowing what to expect, we left a little bit taller, wiser and more inspired than ever. The friendships we made conquered any doubts of whether or not this was the right investment/vacation for us. It's safe to say that we plan on coming back next year.

First things first, we have to get the word out about our interview on Red Parka Dairies. Our friend, Jen, did a fun Q&A with us in which we got to share all our favorite LA spots and some randomness we are known for. I guess the tables have turned as we just did one of our own interview with LA favorite artists, Desiree & David. Check out Jen's Bourbon & Goose interview here and while you're at it be sure to enter the contest for our crazy t-shirt design.



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