Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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TGIF: Get Your Memorial Weekend Celebration On!

Memorial Weekend (Willie Nelson & Buju) This Memorial Day weekend Sam and I have decided to stay home and focus on getting our house in order for June. We have ton of events to look forward including UNIQUE CAMP and a big birthday celebration for 2 of our favorite ladies.

Here is what is on the agenda:

  • Screen printing: We are back in business for silk-screening. T-shirt collection coming soon.
  • Refurnishing the bar for our upcoming series featuring Sam + Eric talkin the talk on all things bourbon.
  • Setting up the photo studio for all of our his & her finds.
  • Celebrating the premier of Arrested Development with good friends (frozen bananas included)
  • Date night at Terminator Too Judgement Play at Dragonfly. Remember when I found this flyer outside of Mixto a couple months ago? Didn't realize it was for the actual play!
  • Bike rides in Atwater Village. After last weekend's suggestion from Memphis George, we are all about exploring the LA River.
  • Scour thrift shops for the Wes Anderson dance party at UNIQUE CAMP. It's 2 weeks away and we need suggestions on who we should go as. Tweet or comment below if you have any favorites.

Now that we shared our list, what are your plans? Staycation or traveling? Regardless of either, be sure to enjoy this new Memorial Day mix from the Knocks. Should to be a hit at your BBQ or pool party.

PS: Thank you to all the women and men that serve our country! Because of you, freedom still exists! Go America!

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