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#TBT Snack Attack - Did You Have Any of These in Your Lunchbox?

Snack Attack - 90s Lunch Snacks Today's Throwback Thursday topic: old school snacks from the 90s. Basically, I'm having a snack attack and satisfying it with a blog post (less calories of course). So remember all those amazing snacks we had growing up? Like Dunkaroos, Gushers, Fruit by the Foot and most notably, lunchables. Well, my friends, I googled some commercials for you so enjoy the trip down memory lane. (videos after the jump)

How Did You Dunk? Dunkaroos...

Fruit Gushers featuring Mystery Gusher

Fruit by the Foot: Wonder if those creepy animations influenced the Rugrats?

Lunchables: Always ate the cheese and crackers and gave away the meat.

This post is brought you by pure hunger and an overpowering sweet tooth. What was your favorite snack? What do you still snack on today?

Bring the Noise: RIP Jeff Nanneman of Slayer

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